Tania Dilmani

Full Spectrum Doula

About Tani

I am a Mom of 3, a grandma and have been helping women become confident mommies for 20 years. I’m passionate about making conception and birth the best possible experience and the potential that is possible beyond. I give women the permission to step into their creativity and purpose as they go through the stages of birthing their baby and blossoming into the divine power they perhaps never knew they had.

I like to meet women prior to conception ideally and be with them every step of the way till they are holding their precious ones in their arms. I am also available to do basic 911 education on natural birthing, raising healthy children and homeopathic hormone balancing.

I’m also a certified hypnobirthing doula and integrate energy healing, my own momentum meditation technique, guided imagery and emotional equilibrium with flower essences.

I have spent the last few years focusing on establishing a successful online Integrative Healing Academy as I was raising my youngest by myself. I am now remarried and settled in Boca and accepting 2 Clients per month for my Birth Doula Services!

I do offer a complimentary meet and greet in person or over zoom.

I look forward to being a part of this sacred journey with my clients!

Much Love, Tania


 English, Persian, & some Hebrew

Service Area

Palm Beach & Broward County