Martha Lerner

Doula, Photographer & Birth Assistant | Founding Member

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About Martha

Martha has been a birth nerd since she can remember, taking childbirth classes & breastfeeding classes for fun in her 20’s. She was the person all her friend’s turned to for all things birth. Martha has also always been a photographer. She can recall getting her first camera at about age 7 and starting her documentary career there.

Martha is now living her dream, which is being a highly qualified Certified Doula, Midwife’s Assistant, and Professional Birth/Motherhood Photographer since 2015 full time with her own solo business, zenmamalove.

Services are offered in English and Spanish.


  • Doula
  • Birth Photographer
  • Midwife Assistant
  • Women’s Circle Leader

Service Area:

South Palm Beach, Broward and North Miami