Krystal Ferrari

Full Spectrum Doula

About Krystal

Bohemian & Barefoot is a profound exploration of feminine interconnectedness and a powerful testament to the value of embracing and honoring the often neglected aspects of women’s lives. With an unwavering passion, I am committed to empowering women to embrace their rightful place in the ever-turning wheel of life and guiding them through transformative journeys in all dimensions of their existence. As your dedicated Doula, trusted friend, nurturing mother, wise grandmother, soulful spirit guide, and compassionate facilitator of grace, I am here to help women reclaim their power, reconnect with their intuition, and embrace the sacred beauty of their bodies. Through the transformative path of bohemian and barefoot, I aspire to liberate our collective perception of our own strength, wisdom, and essence, allowing it to blossom into a newfound freedom that we have yearned for and inherently deserve. Let us unite in celebration of women and wholeheartedly embark on the profound journey that takes us from the innocence of the maiden, through the profound transformation of motherhood, and into the wisdom of the crone.


  • Birth Doula
  • Postpartum Doula
  • Fertility Support
  • Yoni Care

Service Area:

Broward, & Palm Beach County