Brooke Sternberg, CD(DONA), RMT, APD, CTACC

DCC FOUNDER\PRESIDENT | Full Spectrum Doula & Energetic Therapist

About Brooke

As a credentialed doula, I believe in the power of birth to create and connect us to our deepest selves. Far beyond the physical process of labor, birth is an opportunity for us as humans to reflect on our lives, question what we need from ourselves and others, and grow into our highest potential.

I have a background in the healing arts—Ayurveda and transitional coaching—which gives me a holistic perspective on pregnancy and birth. I believe that when we are able to tap into our bodies’ wisdom, we can find our way to an integrated life that feels whole and fulfilling.

My approach is one of self-inquiry, comfort touch, breathwork, and movement to tap into the wisdom of your body. By integrating practical, evidence-based information with personal, spiritual and psychological awareness I am able to provide families with sustenance, information and inspiration for finding their way through this experience feeling whole and integrated.

DONA #14435



  • Childbirth Education and Planning
  • Hands-On Labor Support
  • Ayurvedic Daytime Postpartum Support
  • Bereavement Support
  • Transformational Coaching
  • Energy (Prana) Healing
  • Reiki Practitioner Training
  • Restorative Pelvic Care
  • Natural Remedy Education

Service Area:

  • Palm Beach County
  • Broward County