DCC New Member Application

Applications are OPEN.

Thank you for your interest in joining our non-profit doula association! Once submitted and reviewed you will receive an invoice via email from wecare@doulascarecollective.com.


The Doulas Care Collective is a professional doula association that seeks to unite doulas in our local south Florida community. The association provides support, resources, community connections, networking opportunities and business development education to its members. In addition, we continue to build awareness around the roles and benefits of a doula through a variety of community driven events. The Collective is especially helpful if you are new to the doula profession and are looking to learn from others’ experiences in both doula support and business development.

Application Process

1. Application. Please complete the application to the best of your ability so that the onboarding process is quick. You will have the chance to update your profile picture, business name, and the description of your business, including services, at a later time. 

2. Invoice. Our treasurer will email your invoice to the email provided within 30 days from time of completing application.
3. Onboarding. You will only become an official DCC Member once payment is received. We will send you a Welcome Packet via email from wecare@doulascarecollective.com within 10 business days from receipt.
4. Online Directory. Please allow 30 days for our Web Developer to add your profile to our site.

Membership Agreement

1. Membership. 

  1. Types of membership (“Membership Categories”): (1) Professional Member, (2) Student Member. Rights and obligations of members are set forth in the Doulas Care Collective’s Bylaws to which the Member hereby agrees.
  2. Eligibility. Membership is open to businesses that support our mission and provide doula services to families and trainings for doulas. We encourage our birth community members to support each other’s individual businesses and find ways to collaborate over compete against one another. It is our shared belief that we can do more together and that there is plenty of business in our community for all of us!
2. Term and Termination. 
  1. Term. From the Effective Date, this Agreement continues in full force and effect for the initial term associated with the applicable Membership Category. Thereafter, this Agreement shall automatically renew for successive one-year terms (“Renewal Terms”) unless terminated by the Member or the Foundation thirty (30) days prior to the Renewal Term. 
  2. Termination. The Membership of any Member shall terminate in accordance with any termination event set forth in the Doulas Care Collective’s Bylaws, upon the Membership Conditions no longer being met, or upon the Member resigning such Member’s Membership. Upon termination of Member’s membership, this Membership Agreement shall terminate. 
  3. Survival. In the event of termination, the following paragraphs 3.1-3.3 shall survive and remain in effect. The Member shall be obligated to pay all costs, expenses and dues that accrued prior to the effective date of termination.
3. Rights and Obligations.
  1. Mutual Respect. The Member understands that the Doulas Care Collective (DCC) is an association based on cooperation and collaboration between its individual and organizational members. We encourage diversity of opinions and recognize that some members may have agendas that differ in part from those of the Doulas Care Collective and other members. Adversarial approaches or confrontations between members in forums, social media, or any other public areas that concern the Doulas Care Collective are not consistent with membership.

  2. Member Contribution. The Member has the opportunity to submit notices of events, volunteer and job opportunities, grants, news articles, photos, interviews and success stories to DCC Board for consideration to include on the Doulas Care Collective communications platforms. Doulas Care Collective reserves the right to monitor items for appropriateness and to reject items according to its content guidelines.

  3. Policies. The Member agrees to abide by the other Doulas Care Collective policies as may be adopted or amended from time to time by the Doulas Care Collective upon reasonable notice and in accordance with the Doulas Care Collective’s Bylaws. If the Member does not wish to abide by any policy adopted or amended by the Doulas Care Collective, the Member may resign such Member’s membership prior to the effective date of the policy or amendment of policy. 
  4. Fees, Dues. The Member agrees to pay the annual fees established for its Membership. Keeping in mind that the Doulas Care Collective may amend from time to time. For any Member with a prior relationship with the Doulas Care Collective, acceptance of any Membership Agreement will be conditioned upon payment in full of any pre-existing obligations due to the Doulas Care Collective by the applicant on or before the date of the agreement. 
  5. Costs and Expenses. Each Member shall bear all of its own costs and expenses related to membership in the Doulas Care Collective including, but not limited to, compensation payable to Member’s employees and consultants and all travel and other expenses associated with Member’s participation in the Doulas Care Collective’s activities.
  6. Use of Names, Publicity. Any Member may disclose and publicize such Member’s membership in the Doulas Care Collective, within guidelines proposed by the Doulas Care Collective as set forth in the Bylaws. As a new member to the Doulas Care Collective, Member agrees to publicly announce joining the Doulas Care Collective and to provide a headshot and logo for the Doulas Care Collective’s use in recognizing membership.
  7. Photography. The Member grants permission to the Doulas Care Collective for the use of the photograph(s) or electronic media images in any presentation of any and all kind whatsoever. The Member understands that they may revoke this authorization at any time by notifying the executive board (wecare@doulascarecollective.com) in writing. The revocation will not affect any actions taken before the receipt of this written notification. We will have photographs taken of our activities and participants and need to know if we have each Members consent to share them on our website, social media, and other promotional materials.
  8. Personal Data. Member may provide to Doulas Care Collective certain Personal Data of its members, community partners and other personnel in connection with its membership with the Doulas Care Collective. Member represents and warrants that it has all necessary consents, rights, and permissions to provide such Personal Data to the Doulas Care Collective.
  9. Non-liability. No Member shall be liable for the debts, liabilities, or obligations of the Doulas Care Collective by reason of being a Member.
4. Miscellaneous Provisions. 
  1. Authority to Execute. Member hereby represents and warrants to the Doulas Care Collective that Member has the full right, power and authority to enter into and execute this Agreement, and that Member has taken all actions necessary to authorize it to enter into and perform its obligations under this Agreement.

Membership Dues

The Collective depends on its members’ contributions and community donations. These funds will allow us to cover operational expenses as well as support Collective marketing efforts.

The annual contribution for 2022/23 is $100

There is an installment option of $30/quarter for those who want to break it up.

We are committed to streamlining our online payment process and have set up the option to receive payment via credit card for your convenience. Instructions and links to submit payment will be listed on your invoice. If you should have any issues please contact the Chelsea Burnett at treasurer@doulascarecollective.com, with “Re: Dues” in the subject line.

Per your request, a receipt can be emailed to the email address provided at the end of every year to submit with taxes.

Membership is recorded in the name of the business and is considered active for 364 days from the time of payment. Membership dues are nonrefundable.

Advertising Activities

SOCIAL MEDIA: The Doulas Care Collective pays for sponsored ads on Facebook and/or Instagram for the Collective’s Events, ie. Expos, Workshops, etc. Members may add the Doulas Care Collective as a host for their Facebook events. Members are encouraged to share and promote Doulas Care Collective social media posts to boost awareness and attendance. Additionally, the Doulas Care Collective runs a Facebook group of local birth professionals and childbearing families in South Florida. Content created by The Collective includes upcoming Doulas Care Collective events, member highlights, educational material, and other birth related events occurring in the community.

PRINT: The Doulas Care Collective’s branded print advertising includes, but is not limited to posters, flyers, and brochures. Our members and founders will ensure the materials are distributed to ideal venues in the area.

EXPOS & FAIRS: The Doulas Care Collective participates in local events each year as vendors, hosts or participants. The focus of such events is to educate community members regarding doula services and to bring awareness to the Doulas Care Collective. Each good or service in the Collective is equally represented. Members are responsible for their own personal marketing materials, ie. business cards, flyers, brochures, framed 8 ½’ x 11’ business representation, etc.

CALENDAR & EVENTS: Collective Members are invited to participate in Doulas Care Collective Events at no additional cost. Events range from skill trainings, and business education, to emotional support focused programs. In-person and virtual events will be offered throughout the year. Additionally, your business events and classes may be added to our online calendar. (Send event details to wecare@doulascollective.com).

WEBSITE MEMBER LISTING: Includes a headshot (provided by the member), name and title, hyperlinks to website and social media platforms, phone number, email, and list of services offered. An online membership form will be emailed after the member contract is signed to provide this information. If your business includes a team, more than one employee, you may submit a photo of one of your employees, or a group photo. You may choose to have all of your employees listed under the “name and title,” but only one website, email, and phone number may be listed.

CONTACTS: We collect contact information from community members for giveaway entries and to be shared to interested parties in The Collective. These contacts are shared with Members after each event and Members may reach out to the contacts who are interested in their goods and services.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is NOT required, although always encouraged. When opportunities are available these are emailed and mentioned in our member meetings, as well as on social media.


The Doulas Care Collective’s mission is for families of South Florida to have access to supportive care and evidence-based education in the childbearing years. We strengthen the community by connecting families to services that are in line with their goals and philosophy. We also provide a network for local birth professionals to work together and support one another through fellowship, collaboration, education, and community relations.


This MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT is to establish a cooperative relationship between the Doulas Care Collective and its Members to further the mission stated above.


Membership is open to any individual or business that supports the mission of the Doulas Care Collective and provides goods or services related to childbearing families in our South Florida communities. We encourage our birth community members to support each other’s individual businesses and find ways to collaborate. We believe that we can do more together and that there is plenty of business in our community for all of us!

Member Meetings

The Doulas Care Collective provides quarterly meetings. It is not required for doula members to attend, but highly encouraged. It is an opportunity to meet other doulas, learn the inner workings of the Doulas Care Collective, receive details about upcoming events, and explore various topics that may impact you, your business, your clients, and the greater community.


The Doulas Care Collective aims to host a minimum of one community networking opportunity per year. Other Doulas Care Collective events may feature Community Partners in the birth community which also provide networking opportunities. Members are not required to participate, but are highly encouraged. ALL local birth professionals are invited to the free networking event, not just Doulas Care Collective Members.


The Doulas Care Collective relies on communication via email, in-app communication via Discord, and a private Facebook group. Members will receive emails and notices communicating the details of the Doulas Care Collective’s upcoming events and information about the Collective’s needs. It is the Member’s responsibility to read those communications and respond accordingly. Occasionally, more than one email will be sent in a calendar month. As of 2021, the majority of Doulas Care Collective communication is via Discord, organized into channels to keep topics organized. Members are not required to join either Discord or Facebook, but understand they may miss out on events and relevant topics if they do not participate.

Please note that it is up to the Member to provide their website information and materials for events. The Doula’s Care Collective and its members learn and grow together. Occasionally additional requests are asked of the members to help grow the business and educate the families in the area. Members’ participation is always optional, but highly encouraged.

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    Why did you decide to become a doula?

    What are your goals as a birth professional? Where do you see yourself 3, 5, and 10 years from now?

    If you have already been attending births as a doula, can you share a little about your experience of working on your own and what you are seeking or hoping to get out of being a part of the Collective?

    How many births have you attended to date?* (This will not be made public)

    If you are actively in doula training, when do you intend to complete your doula certification requirements?

    What other relevant trainings, certifications, degrees, and skills do you have that will compliment your doula work?

    What do you identify as your strengths that will contribute to your ability to be a great doula and member of our collective?

    What would you identify as your greatest challenges that will have to overcome in order to be a great doula?

    Mentoring & The Future

    All new doulas in the Doulas Care Collective have the opportunity to be mentored by more seasoned doulas. Let us know if you would like to be involved in our mentorship program.


    Please list two professional references, including names and contact information. Please note how you know these people and the aspects of your professional life they can speak about.

    Is there anything else about yourself that you would like to share?

    Terms & Conditions

    The Doulas Care Collective is in the process of applying to be a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization and both donations and membership will become a tax-deduction [for your business entity] in the future. In addition to your membership, would you like to make a donation?

    We will have photographs taken of our activities and participants and need to know if we have your consent to share them on our website, social media, and other promotional materials.

    By completing and submitting this form you agree to the Code of Ethics. A full copy can be viewed here.

    Monetary Contribution

    The Collective depends on its member contributions and community donations. These funds will allow us to cover operational expenses as well as support Collective marketing efforts.

    The annual contribution for 2022 is:$100 for renewal$120 for new members

    We acknowledge that not everyone is able to commit to a one-time payment so the board has agreed to offer a quarterly payment plan. (Payments are due on the 15th of Jan, Apr, July, Oct)

    We are committed to streamlining our online payment process and have set up the option to receive payment via credit card or ACH. An invoice will be sent with instructions and links to submit payment. If you should have any issues please contact the Collective Treasurer at wecare@doulascrecollective.com, with "ATTN: Treasurer" in the subject.

    A receipt will be emailed to the email address provided above.

    Choose a Payment Plan: